We are committed to helping every individual attain their full potential.

Our Mission

At ChalkDust CrossFit we value each member. Our goal is to enrich the lives of the local Powell community by providing safe, efficient and effective training programs that truly help people realize their full potential.

WHy are we different?

We will never tell you we are the best. Simply because we feel that there is always room for growth and we are fortunate enough to have awesome role models and friends in the CrossFit Community to learn from. That being said, we do feel like we have a few aspects that make us stand out. 

We Specialize in Programming.
It is in the design, week after week, that is getting you to your fitness goals. By focusing on a dynamic warm up, followed by strength and mechanics and then rounding it out with a specialized WOD. This programming plays on your strengths and weaknesses. We know you will continue to surprise yourself with what you are capable of if you stick with it.

We Have a Built In Community.
If you are like us we hate working out alone...well, unless we're on our mat doing yoga...but there is something about a group of people coming together to achieve a common goal that makes it easier to lift a little heavier and to go a little longer. Our members inspire us. CrossFit is one of the only sports in which the athletes cheer on the last person to finish, and when you're the last person, you appreciate the support. We've all been there. And this is why we have structured ChalkDust to be a safe and inviting place for anyone to come and get better.

We Value More Than Just CrossFit.
We have members that come from many walks of life. From their careers to their additional fitness activities. We have marathon runners, trail runners, yogis, Olympic weight lifters, various sports coaches and so many others. And we celebrate each and every one of them. We believe in CrossFit and it's results, but we also believe that participating in additional sports is the definition of Cross Training.