Lynette began CrossFit in 2014 when ChalkDust first opened its doors. She was looking for a change in her fitness routine after just having completed her first full marathon. Running had become her primary sport, and has completed many 5K’s, half marathons and triathlons along the way. Shortly after starting CrossFit, she was hooked. Although she felt strong in many areas, she also realized how many gaps existed in her overall fitness and quickly learned that running alone wasn’t going to help her achieve her goal of sustainable fitness for life.  Also through CrossFit, Lynette found an avenue to get back into Olympic lifting, a sport that was part of her college years. CrossFit is a huge part of her lifestyle and she has a passion for continuously working towards getting better and helping others do the same. She earned her CrossFit L1 in February 2018. Lynette is originally from Puerto Rico, and currently lives in Powell with her husband Rudy, their kids Leah (7) and Mason (6), and their dog Lola.

Why do you coach at ChalkDust?
The community at ChalkDust is, hands down, the best. The high-five’s, shout outs and cheers you hear when someone finally gets a skill that they’ve been working hard at, regardless of how experienced or beginner they might be. When the encouragement gets louder as the last athletes finish a WOD. Being a small part of someone’s progress, or helping them build a little extra confidence when they tackle a new movement or new weight, is such a rewarding feeling. I consider it a privilege to be part of such amazing group of kind, talented people!

What do you like to do outside of the box?  
We are usually up to some sport related event on the weekends: gymnastics, wrestling or CrossFit! I love spending time with Rudy and the kids at home, lazy Sundays are my favorite. I am passionate about nutrition and I’m always trying to learn/experiment with foods and recipes. Family, good friends and good food make me happy.

What's your favorite hero/benchmark WOD?
Mary has one my favorite combination of movements. Long burner with bodyweight movements and HSPU!

What's your weakest lift? What are you doing to get better/stronger in that area?
My biggest weakness is rowing! Especially for distance. Rowing for rounds with low calorie reps, I’m ok at. I’m working on it by focusing on form and breathing… and not skipping rowing workouts!

What's your biggest accomplishment? (Inside or outside the gym)
Moving to the USA on my own at the age of 19 taught me that in order to “make it”, I had to be determined and work hard. Being persistent and not giving up when things get hard, while demonstrating kindness, is a lesson I learned at a young age and it has helped me achieve many goals, personally and professionally. Family is my number 1 priority, and I hope I can pass that value along to my kids, leading them by example. Healthy, strong, kind, and always striving to be their best.