Batman and Diesel are ChalkDust's Box Dogs and their role is irreplaceable. They are rarely on the floor during class times as they are not great at catching tennis balls, let alone a bouncing barbell. Safety first kids.

Batman is a rolly polly lovable Pit Bull that trots through the gym when classes have ended. Protecting the facility, from the comforts of his bed, from intruders such as geese and squirrels. One look at his ears and you can see why his name is Batman. 

Diesel is a spastic, hilarious and high energy Boxer. He loves sprinting back and forth down the gym and only most of the time runs into and spills the chalk buckets. Throughout the day he mostly follows his humans around while leaving the hard work of patrolling the joint to Batman. 

Why do you hang around all day at ChalkDust? 
[Batman] : A lot of people workout at ChalkDust, so it gives me a chance to meet people and show them that Pit Bulls can be loving and well behaved dogs. I'm basically a role model.

[Diesel] : *Heard a noise and stared at the wall*

What do you like to do outside of the box?
[Batman] : I like barking for no reason and running at full speed for about 7 seconds. It's the best.

[Diesel] : Going outside is the best! And then inside. And then outside! And then back inside. My humans never get tired of this.

What's your favorite hero/benchmark WOD? 
[Batman] : *Became disinterested all of a sudden and pranced away.*

[Diesel] : MURPH!

What's your favorite treat?
[Batman] : Treat?!

[Diesel] : Treat!?

Anything you want to add?
[Batman] : Please adopt! Don't Shop! My brother and me are rescues and we are the coolest. Also, all breeds have the potential to be aggressive and it all depends on their environment and humans. Trust me. I'm a Pit Bull.

[Diesel] : Come hang out with our humans at ChalkDust! We are usually sleeping during class times, but from what we hear from our room, it sounds like every one has a great time!