Mike is co-owner of ChalkDust CrossFit alongside his wife, Katelyn. Mike has been in the fitness industry for over 10  years and holds many certifications. He started out learning the ins and out of the Fitness Industry on the corporate level and quickly realized it wasn't for him. He valued the personal aspect and involvement in each persons health, rather than the impersonal atmosphere the Globo gyms offered. He set out and began personal training. He started training in a park and soon a garage gym. When his clients outgrew the garage, ChalkDust was born. Mike is the Head Coach as well as a CrossFit Kids Coach. His ability to fix athletes form, coach a beginner next to a veteran, and push each individual through a tough WOD, is unteachable and truly a talent. He was always meant to coach and now he is living his dream.

Why do you coach at ChalkDust?  
I coach at ChalkDust because I see a need for individuals to get better. Watching people walk into a Globo Gym day after day and never quite get stronger or find results was frustrating to me and I knew it didn't have to be like that. I also knew that I could help those people. So I did. And I now get to live my dream everyday.

What do you like to do outside of the box?
I like to hang out with my wife and dogs, and drink scotch. 

What's your favorite hero/benchmark WOD?  

What's your weakest lift? What are you doing to get better/stronger in that area?  Deadlift. I'm working on it by programming it into the gyms strength and WODs. I always try to program things I'm bad at, not just things I'm good at. Because that's what the community needs. It's easy to run from things that aren't your strength. If I did that personally, how could I encourage others to face their weaknesses?

What's your biggest accomplishment? (Inside or outside the gym)  
It's definitely ChalkDust.