RYT 200


Katelyn Walters is the co-owner of ChalkDust CrossFit alongside her husband Mike Walters. She is also the Marketing & Branding Director, CrossFit Kids Coach and Yoga Instructor. Her passion is yoga, and is RYT 200 certified. She enjoys introducing yoga to anyone that will give her an hour of their day, and being able to help someone move in a way that makes them feel better in their own skin. Her classes range from meditative to challenging depending on the class you attend. When she’s not working on members mobility she is teaching CrossFit Kids. This is an unexpected calling for her. She has grown to love coaching kids and developing proper movement mechanics to aid in future sports and functionality as they get older. By watching first hand the epidemic of adults living with painful and limited mobility, she feels very passionate about teaching how to move properly starting at a young age.

Why do you coach at ChalkDust?  
I coach at ChalkDust because of the members. Each person that walks into ChalkDust has something unique to bring to the table of life. I like uncovering what that element is and connecting with them from there to aid in the goals they have set for themselves. My goal is to make my classes fun, empowering and hilarious all while I secretly make you stronger and more self-aware.

What do you like to do outside of the box?
I like to thrift shop, watch movies really early in the morning, drink coffee all day, go out on the town, be a personal pillow to my pit-bull & boxer, annoy my husband Mike and watch youtube videos that make me say, “I can do that,” and do that. Ya know, the usual.

What's your favorite hero/benchmark WOD?  
I like Isabel. I like snatching and it's my nieces names...hey girl!

What's your weakest lift? What are you doing to get better/stronger in that area?  My weakest is the Deadlift. Now, Sumo = baller status. But regular old Deadlift. Um No. But I’m working on it by not skipping it.

What's your biggest accomplishment? (Inside or outside the gym)  
My biggest accomplishment has happened within the last year and it is realizing (and believing) that when faced with a tragedy and/or a problem, that I am more than capable to deal with it head on. Saying you're strong is one thing, but proving it, is worth more to me.