Bethany grew up playing most sports, and ended up focusing on golf, competing across the country as a junior and eventually landing at The Ohio State University.  This is where she met her husband, Ryan, and has been loving life with him for 20 years now.  They are lucky enough to have two beautiful kids, Carson (12) and Sienna (10).  Beth found herself an out of shape sluggish Mom with a million reasons why this was ok, until she walked into ChalkDust CrossFit.  She fell in love with the coaches, the people and the workouts.  After time, she fell in love with the transformation that happened as well. Not only did her body change dramatically, but the internal changes were just as dramatic. Beth did not expect to be in the best shape of her life at over 40 years old both physically and mentally.  This has also sparked a passion for nutrition that she has been busy exploring as well.  Beth is proud to lead a healthy life for her family, and happy that at any given time, you may find any one of the four members of the Repp family at ChalkDust in class, CommunityWOD or ChalkDust Kids. 


Why do you coach at ChalkDust?
I didn’t realize what an impact ChalkDust would have on me.  To be back in a team/group environment and in a competitive way brought out that old competitive spirit that brought me to be my best years ago.  I found with great coaching and support from all the awesome members at ChalkDust just how positive this environment is, blend of support and competition.  The effects it had on me drove me to become more educated on the process giving me the tools and desire to pass that knowledge along to others.  Not only wanting to reach my full potential but also trying to help each member reach their full potential as well.

What do you like to do outside of the box?  
Outside of the box you will find me with my family.  You could find us on a baseball diamond, football field, basketball court, riding horses, playing golf or just hanging out.

What's your favorite hero/benchmark WOD?
Currently, my favorite benchmark WOD is Amanda.  I have recently become more proficient in muscle ups so it’s fun to do them in a WOD and continue to get better.

What's your weakest lift? What are you doing to get better/stronger in that area?
Although I like some moves more than others, I could really improve on wallballs and rowing.  Most importantly however, I am really working on becoming stronger mentally.  I am continually working with my coach on positive body language and habits to fall into to stay mentally engaged during WODs.  Focusing on staying positive and turning the corner into mental toughness is a continued journey.

What's your biggest accomplishment? (Inside or outside the gym)
I am proud that I followed my dreams with the sport I grew up playing, golf.  After a successful college golf career at The Ohio State University, I moved to San Diego to work for TaylorMade Golf Co.  Leaving family and friends behind, I took an opportunity to be a part of something I love.  I worked in the corporate office for 2 years before moving back to Ohio to become a sales representative.  Through discipline and hard work, I built a successful career within TaylorMade receiving several honors and awards and was also named one of the top 25 Golf Sales Reps in the country.